Tips on Getting Chosen for Dartford Supply Teaching Jobs

Supply teachers are professionals and thus should be treated like they are. Many teaching agencies advertise supply teacher jobs Dartford. The agencies offer staffing services to schools in and around the Dartford area. If you are looking for teaching vacancies, you can contact these agencies for assistance.

As a supply teacher, you need to build a good relationship with your agency so that you can easily get booked and rebooked. Here are some tips to help you:

a) Have your documents ready

When looking for Dartford supply teaching jobs, ensure that all your academic and non-academic documents are current. An example of a non-academic document is the criminal records bureau report. In some schools, you may not be allowed before the report is checked.

b) Be flexible

You should be flexible about everything including salary, the location of school that you prefer and the subject you can teach. You may be contacted to teach subjects that are not related to what you have specialised in. Sometimes you may be required to be at work longer than usual and still be offered a lower pay lower than normal. You should accept the deal instead of grumbling about how your pay has been reduced.

c) Honesty

Most agencies want to meet qualified supply teachers face to face and conduct interviews. Being honest about your preferences and abilities is good. Doing this will aid you to get a job that matches what you require. If the agency likes you, they may find you work fast as a way of rewarding you for signing up with them.

d) Punctuality

Supply teaching jobs are usually given to individuals who are time conscious. You should be ready to go to class at any specified time. You should be willing to go to any school that you are assigned to teach at the right time.

e) Constantly check your phone

Some assignments may be sent to you via text messages on your mobile phone. It is important to check your inbox when you are free, especially lunch time since that is when most agencies send messages. The assignments are given on first come, first-served basis. If you check your inbox late, you may miss out.

f) Emergencies

In case you are faced with an emergency and cannot carry out a booking, inform the agency in advance. Avoid idling until the last minute to start calling the agency.

g) Discipline

Maintain high levels of discipline and conduct yourself professionally. Sometimes, supply teaching may not be what exactly you wanted to do. The fact that you are already a supply teacher means you have to follow the rules of the trade. Conduct yourself properly in front of students as well as the agency.

Apart from the above, you need some essential skills that will make you a good supply teacher. Develop a special philosophy that will enable you to teach any group of students. Device tricks to get the attention of class and give a good performance. You should also be strict and command a high degree of respect from the students. Use these tips when you are looking for supply teacher jobs Dartford.

If you are looking for teaching vacancies, you can contact these agencies for assistance.

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