Teaching music for non-music teachers

Teaching in a primary school generally involves the classroom teacher taking on the role of mathematician, author, librarian, scientist and IT engineer, but one of the other roles is to teach music. Music is still in the National Curriculum for all key stages, yet many primary teachers are terrified about teaching this subject. Here are some ideas to help make your lessons run a little more musically…

Firstly, try to find a good scheme of work which is aimed at non music specialists. There are plenty of schemes about, perhaps ask your local music centre (or hub) to help you source one. These schemes break the curriculum down into chunks which can be delivered by all teachers.

Next, build a stock of instruments. The best to have are some percussion instruments (drums, bells, wood blocks and glockenspiels) and if you can, a set of BoomWhackers. These are long plastic tubes which are literally whacked to make a sound. Students love them!

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