Planning to Become a Cover Supervisor? Here is What you Need Know

Cover supervisor jobs are titles that have recently been developed in UK schools as a result of the government restructuring the school workforce. The job is pretty rewarding but also very involving as it requires a high level of responsibility. Despite the presence of a professional teacher, the job offers a high degree of independence. Generally, Cover Supervisors are engaged for short periods of time to oversee the completion of work previously assigned in the absence of the permanent class teacher. The permanent class teacher has to notify the school principal in advance so as to engage the cover supervisor.

The job does not always need formal qualifications, but it is important to possess the usual skills such as how to manage a class. However, those who engage in formal training like that of an instructor or FE Teacher are often employed in the position of Cover Supervisor formally as they possess the relevant skills.

Qualifications needed to become a cover supervisor

Cover supervisor jobs that require highly qualified staff usually specify an honors degree as the minimum requirement and some experience working with young people. They should also be very diplomatic and highly flexible as there is no set timetable.

Duties and responsibilities of a cover supervisor

  • Oversee work that has been assigned according to the school policy.
  • Maintain good behaviour among students when undertaking the assigned work.
  • Collect all the completed work after the lesson and hand it into the appropriate teacher.
  • Maintain a constructive environment.
  • Respond to questions asked by students about procedures.
  • Deal with any emergencies according to school policies and procedures.
  • Implement behaviour management controls according to school policy.
  • Provide reports about the pupil’s behaviour during class as well as any arising issues that need to be addressed.

However, cover supervisor jobs are not limited to these duties as other roles such as administrative tasks and providing support to teachers in classrooms may be assigned. Thus, the roles of a teacher and a cover supervisor are used interchangeably. A cover supervisor’s working hours is during regular school hours unless required by the school management for some extra classes. Moreover, a cover supervisor’s salary is set by the school in line with the local education authorities.

Attributes a cover supervisor should possess

Since cover supervisors are expected to set a good example, they should have the following qualities;

  • Courteous
  • Friendly
  • Punctual
  • Maintain professionalism
  • Excellent management skills.
  • Creative
  • Flexible
  • Approachable

Remember they not only represent themselves but also the education recruitment policies they work for. Thus, by maintaining a high standard of professionalism and performance they help instil confidence both in the agency and the school.

The upside of being a cover supervisor

Plenty of folks attest to every day being different. There are always various issues and behaviour to deal with. The upside of the job is the respect an individual earns from teachers and the school.

In conclusion, every school occasionally needs the services of a cover supervisor. I believe the article offers insight into becoming a cover supervisor as well as their roles and responsibilities.

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