New Recruitment Opportunities – Don’t Miss the Best Talent

When we are interviewing new candidates for a job, it is easy to have very set ideas about what we want from a candidate. However, by doing this, we might actually be missing out on some of the best talent out there. To make sure we don’t do this, we need to make sure we keep an open mind and consider every candidate on their own merit. Here are some points to consider next time you interview a candidate:

  1. Don’t worry about exact experience. You might well want a candidate to have a good overview of your industry, but some companies get really concerned about finding someone who has worked in the exact same role before. If they’re the right candidate, they will learn.
  2. Change up the questions. Don’t just have a set script. Ask questions based on things your candidates say that interest you.
  3. Research the candidate first. Make sure you know their background, or you could be wasting time thinking about things you already know.
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