How to Use LinkedIn for Career Development

Finding a job is a big part of the modern economy, as there is still a lot of competition out there for every job, but it is important that you don’t lose focus on developing your career too. Nobody who has just entered the work force wants to be told that they’re going to have to continue exactly what they’re doing right now for the rest of their lives, they want to understand that they have ability and the option to look for a promotion, to take on more responsibilities and get paid more. LinkedIn is one of the ways that you can do this, and it has the benefit of being easy and free.

LinkedIn is a social network, but unlike others like Facebook and twitter, it is there exclusively for professionals. You can connect your account your employer’s and colleagues, and thereby ensure that you have more opportunities to interact with others in a professional setting. It’s not just this though, as new employers will often use LinkedIn to verify you have been where you say you’ve been, and that your experience would be beneficial. Recruiters can also use it as a tool to find recruitees and gauge how interested they would be in the job that’s on offer.

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