Getting a Job That’s Right for you!

When you have figured out the job sector you want to work in and a field that’s better suited to you, the next step is finding a job that fits you; you have too see yourself working there and carrying out those types of jobs for that company. Often you won’t have the full scope as an outsider coming for an interview; take note in your head of the way you are greeted when you enter a company premises, how long they have kept you waiting past your interview time, or not. As well as their mannerisms, how they interact with other staff, and even how tidy the areas you can see are of that company.

Image is everything these day’s and if a company has wires trailed everywhere and the staff don’t smile or talk to each other, or your kept waiting for an hour past your interview time, it may be a sign of not so good things to come; you can usually confirm your suspicions in the interview when you ask about the atmosphere of the place you are to be working in, or with how well the interview is put together.

If however everything looks good from the get go, you should be well prepared and have questions to find out if that company is right for you; at the interview stage it should work both ways with them assessing if your right for them, and you assessing if they are right for you.

Ask about the job you will be doing, and what to expect from a typical working day, the team structure and systems you will be working on with them.

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