Finding Friends in your New Workplace

Studies have shown that one of the most important factors in having a good work-life is having a positive relationship with colleagues. Being able to avoid conflict and promoting a team atmosphere are skills that everyone in a workplace should have and should focus on delivering. A big part of this is understanding where your colleagues’ trigger points are, and avoiding overstepping in these areas.

Being a good listener: Definitely very important when you’re first starting in a new office, you need to be prepared to let your ideas take a backseat while you engage with those who have seniority. It can be a pretty big mistake to ‘get too big for your britches’ when people aren’t familiar with you and don’t trust you, so focus on building a positive image of yourself in their mind before you start trying to voice different opinions from everyone else.

Avoid gossip and politics: Verbally attacking other people’s deeply held beliefs when you’re trying to maintain a working relationship with them is also a big no-no; as is gossiping about other colleagues. You should avoid these areas, and focus upon talking about the work and unrelated but light-hearted issues, such as TV and current events.

Be friendly: It should be pretty obvious, but this is big. You need to try your best to be helpful and present yourself as a part of the group, and a big part of that is being open to starting and joining a conversation, and offering congratulations to someone who has achieved some success, either in the workplace or in life generally (such as a new baby or a wedding etc.).

Being Grateful: Showing gratitude is just good manners and is something that you should always endeavour towards. Whether it is something small like them making you a cup of tea, or something that they’ve done really well for you in the work, showing an appropriate level of gratitude is important.

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