Creating and maintaining good working relationships

Having good relations with your colleagues can really make or break your time in a business. These people will be the closest contacts you have during the day, so it pays to get on well with them! Here are some ideas for making sure you are always on their right sides.

Number one is to make sure you are always polite. You would be surprised how little things such as saying please and thank you, or holding doors open for people will be noticed. These are the things that people appreciate and are really easy to do!

Another way to ensure you are well liked is to keep any habits under wraps. For instance, try not to bring in a smelly lunch everyday, try not to insist on using the same chair in the staff room (lots of people are super territorial!) and offer to make a round of tea/coffee!

Try to be helpful, but not a complete pushover. Nobody wants to work alongside someone who cannot say no, however it is always appreciated to help you colleagues out when you can.

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