Avoiding Template Cover Letters

Cover letters are often forgotten about in job applications but with every CV you send off, you should also include a cover letter. This is basically your chance to tell the employer why you’d make a suitable member of staff in their organisation. The problem is that people will all have the same reasons and one single employer may read more than 50 similar letters, which is why you should avoid using templates.

Don’t just say what other people have said, try to be unique and do what you can do stand out from the crowd(for good reasons). Every individual is different, and if you feel as though you have the right mentality and the right skills for the job then make them aware by using examples.

The more time you spend in a job hunt, the more reluctant you may be to change up your cover letter, but it should always be tailored for a specific job role. You’ll definitely give yourself more chance of gaining a job if it is.

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