Welcome to Job SW!

Here at our website we cover a number of different subject matters which relate to looking for a job and improving your career. These issues can be both more simple and more complex than you might expect, and learning about how to improve your skills, and therefore your odds of success, is very important.

Career Advancement – This is an area which a lot of people hold up as being all important. Understanding exactly what is required to advance your career is not necessarily something that we can help with, as much of the facts involved are determined by who you work for and in what role, but we can be helpful in teaching you how to impress your employers and ensure that you’ve covered all of your bases in regards to that. Career advancement also covers a wide range of educational requirements, such as training management skills or learning IT skills, and we’ll tell you about how you can go about this.

New Jobs – Starting a new job is a stressful time for everyone involved, but for the one starting a new job, it is also a very important opportunity. You need to take advantage of this great opportunity to make sure you leave a positive impression on your colleagues and employers, so that going forward you’re able to continue working with them and accomplishing great things. This will in turn help you to continue to achieve further career advancement.

Looking for a Job – There is a whole set of skills involved in looking for a new job. Firstly, it starts with your CV. This needs to be a well constructed document, documenting your chief personal, academic and professional accomplishments, and how exactly this can benefit the business you’re applying to. Often times it can be a good idea to formulate your CV so that it is individually targeting each company you’re applying to.

After you’ve done your CV, then you of course have skills needed for an interview. Interview skills can range from being presentable in the interview, to being able to answer questions quickly and concisely. Many of these skills are people skills, and while these are usually natural to some people, they can be learned.

In addition to these skills, you also need to make sure that you’re adequately prepared for the types of questions you’re going to be asked (maybe even come up with a few of your own), which requires research. You can also ask your recruitment agent for the inside scoop on what they want for the role.